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Rotax Metals Inc. – The Trusted Copper & Brass Distributor

Each and every product in our catalog has been carefully caste, milled, and inspected to ensure that our clients get only the best materials. We are proud to have 60 years of trusted service behind all of our copper and brass sales.

Here are just some of the products that we have to offer, just click the product for more information:

Architectural Bronze Extrusions

For a classic and timeless look, some architectural features just look better in bronze. We provide easily modifiable bronze extrusions that are perfect for either commercial or residential buildings. As part of our outstanding customer services, we can supply extrusions that are already shaped according to our client’s needs. Contact us if we can customize something for you.

Brass Tubing

Hex, rectangle, reeded, roped, round, and square brass tubing come in a variety of sizes. Use our tubes for plumbing, automotive parts, decoration, railing, and many other applications. You can browse our Gallery and see some of our custom work and even choose the drop-down for square metal tubing or any other alloy.


Save on costs without sacrificing quality. Brass is known for its long-lasting features and excellent machinability. Easily joined to other copper alloys or to itself, it can provide flawless, robust finishes without the need for screws.


From round to hexagonal, we carry brass, bronze and copper rods of all kinds. They are suitable for many applications, including decoration or fabrication.

Sheets and Plates

Upon request, we can supply brass alloy sheets to our clients. The plates we offer are not just varied in terms of thickness, they also vary in alloy/composition. Feel free to consult with us to discover the sheets that are perfect for your projects.

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