Tips for Contractors Who Are Looking for Suppliers of Copper and Brass Sales

Having a successful construction business takes more than employing the most highly skilled professionals. You must have a vast network of the best material suppliers within a hundred mile radius from your business place. These suppliers must be able to provide you with superior materials for all of your projects, big and small alike.

One supplier that you should carefully choose is a metal supplier, particularly one that offers supplies for finishing, including hinges, doorknobs, trims, and all sorts of fixture. This is, most of the time, different from the one that supplies you with construction metals, such as reinforcing steel bars. When looking for such supplier, there are several important factors you need to look at.


The best trims and fixtures for buildings are those that are made of copper alloys, such as bronze and brass. Whether it’s the towel bars in your bathroom or the splashing in your kitchen, copper alloys outmatch other metals in terms of appearance and durability. Therefore, it would be best to find a supplier that specializes in copper alloys. At least with a company that offers copper and brass sales you can be sure to find even the rarest grades. Top suppliers like Rotax Metals even provide custom solutions.


It goes without saying that a supplier with a clean and impressive track record is also the most trustworthy. Find a supplier who’s been in operation for a long time and has served the biggest names in the construction business. This way you can be sure that your company will also receive the same level of customer service and quality of products those companies vouch for.

Inventory and Supply

You want a supplier that can provide you with all the materials you need for each project anytime and in any situation, regardless of whether the economy is good or bad. They must have a huge inventory with a vast selection of items and grades to choose from. The last thing you want is to be in a situation where emergency supply is needed only to find out your supplier can’t deliver. This is why it is imperative to opt for a supplier that has a good supplier of their own or better still one that manufactures their own products.

Customization and Extra Services

Of course, it’s understandable that even the biggest suppliers don’t have a solution available for all kinds of project. Some projects may have highly specific needs that no standard commercially available products can suffice. This is where customization comes in. Not very many metal suppliers are capable of customizing. Only companies like Rotax Metals that have their own foundries and manufacturing sites may be able to deliver. It also helps to find a company that offers extra special services, such as metal fabrication, metal shearing, polishing, and water jet cutting.

Having a trusted metal supplier as a partner can make a huge difference in your construction business. Not only will it shorten delivery time but your customer satisfaction will improve as well. To further expedite your process, find a company that allows you to buy copper online. This company would normally have a professional-looking and user-friendly website.



How to Choose the Right Supplier for Your Business

How to Distinguish Genuine Bronze from Faux?—Tips from Bronze Sheet Metal Suppliers

Whether you are casting a machine part or sculpting a statue, bronze is the perfect material to use. Its malleability and low-friction property makes it well-suited for these and many other applications. The problem is, bronze materials come in a range of qualities, and some are even faux. You have to be able to distinguish genuine bronze from faux if you want a superior output in your project. You have to know where to buy bronze sheet metal as well to ensure you’ll get the best quality. Here’s how you can test for bronze.

Strike with another Metal

One of the best ways to determine whether or not a bronze piece is genuine is by listening to the sound it creates when hit with a hard object. A genuine bronze usually creates a lovely ringing sound that lasts for a few seconds, while a fake one creates a dull, heavy sound that disappears fast. The thing that makes this possible is bonze’s tin content. Tin atoms that are well placed within the molecules of copper provide stability, allowing for the transfer and reverberation of sound instead of absorption.

Carry It

Bronze in its purest form is quite heavy. Of course, a lot of other metals are heavy but bronze is unique. It’s harder and denser than most commercially available metals. Those that are harder and denser than bronze are often found in science laboratories and bank vaults. In other words, you can easily identify a fake bronze when you see one by simply lifting it. Unfortunately, unlike other fake products that could get manufacturers into trouble with the law, faux bronze is well-accepted on the market. It’s a mix of resin and bronze powder that looks and feels just like bronze except weighs lighter. That is not the kind of material you would want in most of your projects.

Color and Patina

Bronze sheet metal for sale are available in a variety of shades primarily because of content variation. Bronzes with more tin usually have a lighter shade. Other metals, such as aluminum, manganese, and nickel, mixed with the original alloy also have an effect on the color of the finished product. These shades are hard to mimic. Also, bronze is usually quick to tarnish as a precursor to patination, the process of forming patina on the surface, which is unique in copper alloys. That’s hard to mimic as well. So if the metal you bought suspiciously stays shiny for many days or weeks, that’s probably fake.

Chisel It

Have you ever wondered why a lot of metal sculptures and monuments are made of bronze? That’s most likely because bronze has an unusual property of expanding a small amount when solidifying from a liquid into a solid. For sculpture casting, this is desirable, as it helps to fill a mold. It is also capable of maintaining its physical feature and won’t easily crack when chiseled. To know if it’s really bronze, try to chisel on a particular surface and see what happens.

These are only four of the methods for identifying genuine bronze. Of course, if you want to avoid all the trouble, simply go to reputable bronze sheet metal suppliers like Rotax Metals. With a reputation built on product quality and excellent customer service, they won’t risk offering you faux products.





Top Questions to Ask Copper Material Suppliers When Looking for the Perfect Plumbing Material

So you’ve started looking for a new home and there’s this lovely unit that you’ve been eyeing since day one of your search. When you checked it out, everything seems fine except for the plumbing, which looks old and needs some serious overhaul. You’ve decided to buy the house anyway and just have the whole plumbing system replaced.

It may seem easy but plumbing renovation is one complicated job. Even if you will hire someone to do it, there are still a couple of things you need to do. For instance, you should know what materials are necessary for the project. The last thing you want is spending top dollar for a material that won’t hold up for long. Here are guide questions you can use to find the perfect material for your new plumbing system.

Has anyone used the material before?

If a certain metal is not that popular even to suppliers, chances are it’s not the ideal choice. Go for a material that has been used by trusted builders in your area or the one used in well-built homes in your neighborhood.

Does it rust or corrode?

This is perhaps the most important question you should ask yourself and the supplier. You wouldn’t want to use a metal that will only contaminate your water with rust debris down the road. Choose a metal like copper or any of its alloys because they are proven capable of resisting corrosion. There are select copper material suppliers offering copper plumbing pipes that you can ask about the corrosion of metals.

Is it tough and strong?

Not all corrosion-resistant metals are ideal for plumbing construction. You also have to factor in the forces the material has to deal with. Water may be still when they are in a container but within pipes they flow at tremendous rate, creating immense pressure. Your material must be tough enough to resist puncture and strong enough to hold up to pressure and not burst.

Does it kill bacteria?

Not very many metals are capable of the oligodynamic effect, a phenomenon characterized by the release of certain ions, which destroy a particular type of protein in bacteria cells, eventually killing them. Metals like copper and silver are among the few that can, and should be on your list.

Who is selling it?

It is crucial that you also know who your supplier is. There are thousands of copper material suppliers in North America and probably hundreds within your area alone, so choosing can be quite tricky. But if you know what to look for, it can be easier. The supplier, first and foremost, must be an established business with a clean and impressive reputation. This means they must have been in operation for many years or even decades. It would also be wise to choose a company that specializes in copper, since it’s the material you will eventually need. After all, the answers to your questions will all boil down to choosing copper.

Asking the right questions is critical in purchasing any product, especially materials for your plumbing. Being able to pick the right material means you can build a sturdy and durable plumbing system for your new home. This also means you won’t have to worry about repair and maintenance for many years.



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