Because of the unusual physical and chemical characteristics of copper alloys, they are produced only in a set of shapes specific to that particular alloy. Most projects require more than one because of the difference in alloys –one for tubing, one for sheet, and so on. There are 40 copper alloys regularly available in the US. A Rotax representative can assist you in selecting complimentary alloys for your particular application.

Rotax Metals specializes in the following alloys:

  • Copper: C101 and C110
  • Brass: C230, C260, C272, C330, and C360
  • Leaded Brass (“Engraver’s Brass”): C353
  • Muntz Metals: C280
  • Naval Brass: C464 and C 485
  • Architectural Bronze: C385
  • Commercial Bronze: C220

For more information about what applications best work for copper and copper alloys, visit the Copper Development Association Database, which currently lists around 325 separate applications and 200 reasons as to why copper is used.