Imagine row upon row of gleaming copper, bronze tubes, square metal tubing and brass in all shapes and sizes – a virtual lumber yard for metal where you can find what you want because no project is impossible, and everything is available to you, no matter how unusual the piece is that is needed. Imagine no longer having to hunt for the best sheet metal suppliers!

Whether you are a manufacturer looking to fabricate, an architectural designer seeking the perfect copper or brass part for your furniture design, or a distributor, Rotax Metals has what you are looking for.

When people hear the name Rotax, they know what we stand for because of our long-standing track record. Rotax Metals has supplied copper and brass alloys to the world since 1948. Artisans and fabricators alike recognize that Rotax will provide products quickly, meeting even the most unusual of orders. We understand that you need to see a quick turnaround, and can send most of our products out to you in 24 hours.

We specialize in copper, bronze and brass sales and can supply any manner of custom material. From bronze tube to square metal tubing to just about any copper and brass need and even to be your main sheet metal supplier – Rotax is here for all your metal needs. Sheet metal suppliers turn to Rotax when their coffers run low on bronze sheet metal, brass bars, bronze tubes and more.

Rotax Metals also offers value added services, such as the construction of machines and structures from various raw materials based on the client’s engineering drawings.We offer welding, cutting, forming and machining saving our customers money by by limiting the need for purchasing personnel to locate multiple vendors for different services.

Typical projects include; loose parts, structural frames for buildings and heavy equipment, hand railings and stairs for buildings. Visit our Gallery page to see a few of the functional and beautiful creations by our clients.

Our inventory is extensive, we offer an all-inclusive solution for many industries, and our prices are competitive to the market. As a family-owned business, we also understand that a knowledgeable staff able to help you through your project is what makes a company great, and we are known for our great customer service. We make your copper, bronze and brass sales fast and easy.

Whether it’s architectural angles, bronze bars, or sheet metal, a bulk order or just one last finishing rod, we have the materials you need. Call us today, and let Rotax show you why we are the trusted , sheet metal supplier for brass, bronze and copper. Join our growing family of architects, industrial agencies and artisans.